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What’s wrong with THAT girl?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

So today I made a major decision.

It was to stay in the cold, refreshing shower for the rest of my life.


After awhile of standing there, soaking up every single drop that fell on me, I realized this may be a pipe dream, as there is no way I could afford the daily rate on this cabana, for the sole purpose of using the shower, for the rest of my life. Being in the shower everyday, all day, would hardly generate the income necessary.

And another dream dies…

The shower was much overdue… and almost a blessing in disguise. I was bloated, overheated, red beyond sunburn and sweating like a turkey at Christmas.

See… I had a few bad things happen today… But we can get into that later.

Computer crap. Frustrating crap.

Finally I decided it was foolish to pour all my energy and time into something I had no control over (after… of course, desperately trying to take control of the situation and failing miserably) and get out and explore more of Tortuguero!

That‘s the spirit!

A lovely young German couple is staying here with their little baby, Liam, and they invited me to walk into town with them this afternoon.

Metaphorically, both my hands flew into the air, in both excitement and acceptance! Yes!!!

Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

A pleasant stroll into town… new friends… new conversation! ☀️The sun was shining… and off we went!

Well, walk we did.


Briskly, I should say.

On the beach.

In sand.

Soft sand.

Oh my God… It was exhausting…

Well… not for me, of course…

I work out a lot, as everyone knows… and I’m quite fit… sooo I wasn’t the least bit phased.

Maybe a little…


A lot.


For months leading up to my trip, I have rambled on & on, to whoever would listen, about how I was planning on getting into shape and losing weight. Seems that I didn’t do the legwork I probably should have. Shame about that, as I wasn’t exactly prepared for my 5km speedwalking marathon across the beaches of Costa Rica today.

Heat exhaustion at its finest… accompanied by dehydration (regardless of how much water i guzzled), extreme bloating, heavy sweating, rapid pulse… and a face like a blotchy, ripe tomato.

Carolin kept commenting about how strong our legs would be after our walk…

Yes… I definitely deserved a margarita and a nap…

And a massage…

Of course, I kept up the entire way, for fear of humiliation and being left behind… but man o man. It was a tough go in the heat.

It was not until I was back at the eco-lodge and in the shower, that my core temperature started to come down and my bloated fuchsia face turned a lovely plump pink… and my clothes started to fit me again. What a sight I must have been, walking around ~ big beast face wearing a wet shirt peppered with sweat stains…

No photos, to protect the Innocent… although I did take quite a few out of pure disbelief and disgust….

I had intended to shop, browse, explore the National Park rainforests and beaches… take some photos, enjoy the view… maybe partake of a refreshing beverage or two, and a bite to eat… but all that took a sudden backseat to home and shower.

One stop I did make prior to making the 5k trek home was to secure a spot on a canoeing canal adventure tomorrow.


Ya… you read that right.

I paid… and reserved a water taxi, so now I’m obligated! No sleeping in on Tortuguero tomorrow. At least I hope not.

I took the jungle path home, which proved to be much easier than walking in heavy sand. I also went at my own pace, a refreshing and novel change! As much as I kept a keen eye out for snakes and Jaguars, I must admit that most of the way, I followed a highway of leaf cutter ants in utter fascination. I did a bit of research on them and found out they are following a very specific social organization, ruled by the Queen Ant. Seriously, I was thoroughly mesmerized by these ants working their magic. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Back home, freshly showered and back to a semi-normal size and colour, I threw myself into a couple hours of writing & sorting through photos, while enjoying a beer as the sun went down.

And then…

I saw a SLEUTH!!!!

Computer problems and heat exhaustion be damned… I saw a sleuth today.

… and suddenly it’s a really, really good day ❤️

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