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Hasta Luego 🖤

No international travel for a couple years.

Cancelled plans & flights and Covid fears.

Finally light at the end of a tunnel so dark.

Tickets booked & confirmed ~ and off I embark!

My vibrant photos paint a lovely facade,

A true tropical paradise, as I journey abroad.

But solo travel isn’t always ideal…

Adventure vacation has its share of ordeals.

A global pandemic can be difficult at best,

And alone I endured that… and all of the rest…

Lumpy pillows. Lumpy bed.

I Lost my earbuds & my phone’s always dead.

I’m sick of beans. I’m tired of rice.

The police have pulled me over twice.

I’ve been told I’m not allowed to poo.

I’ve had my computer stolen & my camera too.

Paid to hike. Paid to park.

Lost in the jungle. Lost after dark.

It’s rainy season every day.

Tropical storms blow in and won’t blow away.

Everything is damp & dirty. I really do stink.

I’m scrubbing my clothes in the hotel sink.

Crossing croc-infested rivers in my 4WD.

Back 40 is dangerous ~ surprised I’m alive!

Traffic jams, hills and a million pot holes.

Fog, crazy drivers and highway tolls.

My plane was on fire. My car broke down.

I’m out of cash and there’s no bank in town.

I forgot my mask. My car got hit.

Been swindled & scammed and I’m losing it.

No cell service or wifi, my battery dies.

I’m sweaty & hot and feasted on by flies.

Living on bananas and tacos all varied.

Explaining to everyone why I’m not married.

My pack is too heavy and too bloody large.

My belly is burnt and my phone won’t charge.

On a boat full of children or alone at a resort.

No electricity all day or at the wrong airport.

Sweetie! Lady! Chica! Honey!

Everyone thinks I’m rich, but I’ve got no money.

I will admit there’s been struggles and strains.

Costa Rican aches & Panama pains.

Wonder when I had time to write this little ditty?

It’s what I do when the weather is shitty.

My passwords compromised. My financials a mess.

I lied when I said I enjoy stress.

Scratches, scrapes and itchy skin.

Sweltering heat and howling wind.

Ants, bugs, mosquitos, a spider bite.

But it’s come to an end. I leave tonight….

Yes, sometimes the sun did actually shine.

I made some good friends. I drank some crap wine.

I followed blue sky and for sun, always wishin’.

With all this rain, I could’ve vacationed in Mission!

It’s been windy & cold and it couldn’t be wetter…

My tan is fading, but my Spanish is better!

So all in all… my time here’s been… great…????

Would I do it all again?

Ummm… of course. Damn straight.

There been moments of wonderful. Moments of hell.

But at least I have a few stories to tell…

Now I’m a little excited to be going back home.

It’s tough writing a blog only using a phone.

I’m going to need relaxation and a few days of rest.

But I can’t get on a plane until I pass a Covid test.

I let bygones be bygones, Pura Vida, let it be…

Outta here… so… anyone wanna travel with me???

Ciao Central America

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