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Reunion on the Gold Coast

Updated: May 30, 2022

I rarely ever win anything...

It's true.

Not out of pure chance, anyway... unless it's the most inconvenient time for a win. Then I'm sure to be the recipient.

That is what happened on my 22nd birthday.

We all headed out to celebrate the evening with a few delicious beverages and in the first (of many) pubs that we hit... I won a tray of fresh seafood. I am not even quite sure why or how I managed to get my name entered, but somehow it was there for the draw.

Prawns, oysters... the whole lot... You name it, it was on that tray.

Don't get me wrong. I love seafood. Always have.

But it's not necessarily the most convenient thing to win as you're starting off an evening of birthday festivities.

And... remember... we were camping...

I took a few photos with my bounty and then tried to trade it in for a 6-pack of beer. They weren't having any of it though. We finally finished our pints in this one particular pub... and moved on... without the seafood feast...

PS- The two guys in the photo with Jan and I are Anthony and Glen. I met Anthony and Glen when I was on my exchange program in Ecuador.

Located at Australia's most easterly point, one will find Cape Byron Lighthouse.

The ocean views found atop this rocky perch are absolutely stunning... and because of this, it is one of the town's most visited attractions.

... AND one of my most visited places whilst on my year down under. This was the first of three visits I made the the Lighthouse at Byron Bay.

Bit of a tough slog for one who wasn't exactly in the best shape... (and a smoker)... huffing and puffing the steps and steepness... but I made it.

Three times.

What is a trip to the Gold Coast without visiting Dream World?

Dream World is Australia's biggest amusement park and boasts a huge collection of rides, animal exhibits, shows, food outlets and shops!

It was an odd choice for two broke travellers, but fun, nonetheless.

While in Brisbane, we stopped in to see my friend, Belinda, who I'd met in Ecuador, on my exchange program.

As luck should have it, she was about to turn 21 and was planning the party of the century.

My timing was perfect and I think I was a big help in the beer and rum department...

As everyone knows, I am desperately trying to live vicariously through my past travels, due to all the restrictions that are preventing us from hoping on and off planes at the present time.

These photos flood me with memories because they represent both Australia AND my year in Ecuador.

November 3rd, 1994...

Reunited once again @ Belinda's 21st birthday party.

Some of the crew from Ecuador, back together for an epic night out.

Belinda Ryan-Novicky, Anthony, Jane and Glen Ponder...

Of course, being the idiot that I am, I managed to secure a 'failure to wear seatbelt' fine of $100. Only me... on vacation...

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