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In a New York Minute

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Ok... here it is!

My New York bucket list...

I have tried to compile a list of things that are within a pauper's budget.

Joanna's guide to the ultimate in good times, iconic attractions, city scapes & cheap eats!

Though... to be fair, I haven't actually arrived in NYC yet.

  1. Sex and the City tour. I don't really care if I do it myself or if I hop on a bus. I do really want to stand outside Carrie Bradshaw's apartment building though.

  2. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge... singing "No Sleep Til Brooklyn!" (my subtle, yet not so subtle tribute to the Beastie Boys) I had originally had the idea that it would be quite chic (and fitting at 50) to do one of those elaborate photo shoots, where I would be draped in one of those ridiculous long flowing dresses... but it turns out that is quite costly. Selfies on my phone will have to suffice.

  3. Katz's Delicatessen. The location of the infamous Meg Ryan orgasm... and, of course, New York's oldest deli. Why else would I want to go there?

  4. I want to ride the subway. Scary as that may seem.

  5. MUST eat a hot dog from a Hot dog street vendor.

  6. MUST eat pizza. Lots. Carbs and calories don't count in NYC.

  7. Food tour. All the food tours, actually. *See above for information regarding any unnecessary dietary restrictions.

  8. Spend time exploring Central Park ~ Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, the Alice in Wonderland statue, the Hans Christian Anderson statue, Bethesda Fountain & Terrace, Bow Bridge, the Carousel... and so much more.

  9. See a play on Broadway.

  10. Take the Staten Island ferry. Ok... I've heard this is a free ferry that allows fabulous views of the Statue of Liberty... but then, on the flip side, I've heard it's important to keep an eye out for scammers standing outside the ferry terminal, offering to sell tickets. I'm on alert! I don't think I have the capability to withstand another scam... but that's a story for for the next blog!

  11. Walk the High Line. Chelsea High Line, in particular.

  12. Stroll down 42nd Street ~ running through Midtown Manhattan & Hell’s Kitchen.

  13. Take photos (selfies) of Empire State Building / FlatIron Building / Chrysler Building / St. Patrick's Cathedral.

  14. Wander Greenwich Village & hang at Washington Square.

  15. Wander Times Square at night. First Time-rs Square. Gotta hashtag that!

  16. Dine at the Ear Inn... or at least pop in for a beer!

  17. Take a selfie at Tiffany's.

  18. Explore various neighbourhoods! Chelsea (Chelsea market), Soho (murals), Noho, Little Italy, China Town and the financial district / Wall Street (charging bull & fearless girl).

  19. Remember the legend, John Lennon, in the location he was shot - The Dakota Hotel.

VERY Important.

  1. Ça plane pour moi - Part deux.

  2. I want to film a Tik Tok to the Pogues, "Fairytale of New York," and Joni Mitchell's "Chelsea Morning."

  3. I want to eat an apple IN the Big Apple. And photograph it, of course.

  4. I want to buy a knock off Louis Vuitton purse... but I don't want to get arrested... or accosted!

  5. Buy an 'I ❤️ NYC' shirt or hoodie.

  6. Potentially experience a Miracle on 34th street. Is there a Santa?

  7. I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps, and find I'm king of the hill. Top of the heap.

Other things that would be cool too...

  1. Museum of Modern Art. Free admission on Fridays between 4-8pm. Who can say no to a Picasso?

  2. Find the piano from the movie, BIG.

  3. PLAY the piano from BIG.

  4. Check out The Vessel. Even from the ground, looking up, this seems pretty impressive.

  5. Free City walking tour.

  6. Rent a bike and bike through Central Park.

  7. Dine at Tom's - Seinfeld location.

  8. Maybe hail a cab. They seem to do this a LOT on TV and in the movies.

  9. Ellen's Stardust Diner - home of the world famous singing waiters.

  10. Try a corn beef sandwich, New York cheesecake and a famous New York bagel.

  11. Shop at Macy's - America's luxury department store.

  12. Go to Insomnia Cookies in Brooklyn. Their tagline is ~ You'll be up all night wondering, "What was in that cookie?" Creepy... absolutely... but slightly intriguing. I'm in!

  13. Radio City Music Hall.

So there it is. In all its glory.

But hey...

I know that in a New York minute, things can get pretty strange. In a New York minute, everything can change.

So, I'll see what the week brings.

Time will tell.


Will my knee be up to this?

Fingers crossed...

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2 commentaires

15 oct. 2022

Joanna, visiting the 911 memorial is a must. We didn’t do the tour, just walked around on our own.

15 oct. 2022
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