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Workers Wanted

Updated: May 30, 2022

We were broke.

After gallivanting up the coast and spending all our money, we were in desperate need of a job.

But where...?

We really didn't know what was out there, nor did we necessarily qualify in the experience department for anything well paid. Since high school, I had worked in a couple video stores, a hot dog stand and a beer & wine store. Then we saw this ad...


I really didn't pay much attention to the Dive Course elusive, as my fear of sharks outweighed my fear of what work they were offering.

We booked the bus from Brisbane up...

We were on our way. Bundaberg or bust.

We arrived... Broke.

We made it.

We had heard there were jobs here... and yes... there certainly were. Literally, the jobs were ripe for the 'picking'...

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, more tomatoes... and then a LOT more tomatoes. Throw in a few capsicums (peppers) here and then... but mostly just tomatoes.

This was to be our home... and our EMPLOYMENT... for the next couple weeks, or at least until we could muster enough cash to move on, up north. We were put in an 8-room mixed dorm room, with a bunch of really dirty & smelly people.

There was NO way I was going to be happy here.

No way at all...

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