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Towards Grapes, We Go!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

It finally came to time leave Bundaberg... and with tears in our eyes, we packed the car and started our journey down to meet Ivan in Mildura.

We were officially leaving tomatoes for grapes!

There was quite a crew of us heading south, but on this particular journey, was Donna, Ashlynn, myself... and Blue at the helm. He had offered us a ride to Sydney, in exchange for gas money, and we graciously accepted.

I'm not really sure how much we actually contributed to filling the gas tank, as we all left Bundy broke. Three months of picking fruit had not been as 'fruitful' as we'd anticipated, due in the most part to our own foolish spending... but we had high hopes for striking it rich in the southern grape fields.

Blue, otherwise known as Douwe (and nicknamed after his fiery red hair), had to put up with the three of us girls crammed into in his little car.

It could NOT have been easy... but guaranteed, it was fun... for us, at least.

I can't recall a whole lot from this particular trip.

Bundaberg, QLD to Sydney, NSW...

1. Donna and I sat in the back and drank for almost the entire journey.

2. Donna had to pee a lot, which made Blue crazy with so many stops.

3. Blue and Donna fought quite a bit.

That's about all.

This was a 14-hour journey that must have felt like 100 to Blue... he was VERY tolerant of us. Especially Donna and I.

But in addition to the multitude of pee stops, the bickering and the back seat party, I also remember one more thing... the LAUGHS were non-stop...

Back in Sydney...

And don't ask me how we managed to get from here to Mildura... ???

Obviously we did, but I recorded this journey nowhere.

But... while in Sydney, Ashlynn & Donna disappeared for a couple days to see family. Blue and I went sightseeing. We followed the tourist trail of the big city and even ventured across the harbour to the Sydney Zoo... I am proud to announce that was the last Zoo I ever stepped foot in. :-(


I remember it was the biggest thrill to meet up with some fellow Bundy backpackers! Suddenly, we felt beyond cool because we KNEW people...

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