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It's Cold...

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Got up and at 'er today.

Check out was 11am... but being quite brilliant, like I am, I'd requested a late check out... as I knew that I'd be tired.

I was right.

I ended up waking up in a panic because I'd had a stupid dream that Potzy was with me and he kept running out in to the road, and then in to the jungle- and he wasn't coming when I called him... and I forgot his food.

Speaking of food - I'm starving...

I should be drinking more water.  My cankles have subsided "slightly," but I'm definitely not a candidate for any foot commercials right now.

Still thick, but at least my toes look nice.  

Ok- enough about my new-found beauty!  The Quito Airport Suites I stayed last night was fine... cold, but fine.  The bed was really short, which I found strange.  It was almost like it was one of those department store display beds...  I don't know. Maybe I'm abnormally tall... or maybe just usually short people stay there.  I endured the suffering though and finally got to sleep around 5am... when birds were starting to chirp.

I had two options this morning...

#1- I could take a taxi to the bus stop, catch the bus in to Quito, then catch another taxi to my hostel.

#2- I could take a taxi straight to the hostel for $25.

I opted for door #2.

Quito Airport SuitesToo tired and my pack is too heavy for me to maneuver the ins and outs of Quito on an empty stomach and 4.5 hours of sleep.  And honestly, it's kind of cold.  It's raining and dreary today.  

Guess how many sweaters and long sleeve shirts I brought?.... yep, just keep on guessing.  My entire pack is filled with tank tops and shorts and summer dresses...  

Hey Roland - you should have helped a sister out in THIS department.  Packing :-(

OCD Nightmare... Seriously. 

This should be illegal.

Driving down the highway and through the streets of Quito... floods of memories came back.  It's almost exactly how I remember Quito and it just seems nothing has changed.  The deep green canyons lining the highway as we wind our way up and down the mountains and in to the city... the signs, the colourful housing covering the hillsides, the unfinished buildings, the tiendas everywhere, the old rickety vehicles chugging along, the constant honking, people walking in the middle of the street... chaos! I love it :-)

This is my taxi driver, who had to pull over on the side of the road to pull out his map because he was so confused as to where I was trying to go.  I love it!  He did eventually ask someone for directions.  If you ask me, who needs a GPS? Highly over-rated...

Anyway - I just checked in to my hostel in Quito and I'm going to thrown on a snow suit and venture out in to the city to see what kind of trouble I can get myself in to... 

That is code for find food and wine...

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