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Hurry Up & Wait

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

I have had to endure the unfortunate experience of having to check out of my boutique luxury retreat...  Goodbye comfortable bed... goodbye hot shower...

I am now homeless... on the streets... at least until I get a cab to the airport and prepare to fly home.*insert sad face.

It's a little bittersweet knowing that my next shower will be in my own home, in approximately... 45 hours?  Give or take... Or maybe not... look what happened to Tom Hanks inThe Terminal?

I might become Salt Lake City's next airport pet. Stuck in transit....

After I gathered all my things from the room and managed to get them all neatly in to the backpack, I then dumped them at front desk storage until 8pm... which is when I promised to return.  

I'm happy/not-so-happy to report that I left my jacket in the'tour vehicle'...  I hauled that stupid thing all around Ecuador, the only reason being that I knew that I'd definitely need it when I returned to Quito.  And then I lose it.  Oh well... the tears are already drying.

There's my $124 tour tip.

So big lunch date with Juan from AFS today!  I haven't seen him since my last day in Ecuador in March of 1992.

I had actually planned to walk there... but then spent too much time lazing around the room, packing, primping, prepping, pampering... and suddenly it was GO time! 

I have been told on numerous occasions that Quito is between 40 & 50 kilometres long, but I don't actually take it in to account until I'm running late, traffic is horrendous and I need to be in the north end of Quito in 7 minutes or less.  It was insane.  3 lanes... 7 cars wide, with more trying to manoeuvre their way in.  Everyone uses their horns more than their brakes & their common sense, and I'm sitting in the back seat, flinching and terrified, believing every breath to be my last.  Motorcyclists are veering in and out of the vehicles, and even they seem remotely suicidal... and I suspect 10% of them parish weekly.

So I ended up being 20 minutes late for my lunch date today.  

Kind of.

My panic level was beyond control and I envisioned myself running in to the office, screaming"I'm SOOOO sorry I'm late!"

When I eventually did arrive, one of the gentlemen at the office told me that Juan was under the impression that we were meeting at 1pm.  Ok... my fault... this usually happens to me,cuz I don't pay attention!  

I take full responsibility.  

So I was actually 40 minutes early.  But... I could have sworn we said'noon'... and... we did, because ever-so resourceful me checked back in to my FB messaging history. 

Thank Baby Jesus for wi-fi, because we didn't leave the office until 1:25... Juan was already waiting at the Pizzeria.  Pizza!  My current favourite... although,the portions! Holy moly.

But so fantastic to catch up, albeit brief.  I find it almost surreal that I left here 26 years ago.  And another thing that floored me, was that Juan almost remembered each and every one of us, and where we were from.  

Twenty six years ago was a LONG time ago!  Gosh... Roxette was at the height of their career and everyone was obsessed with Wayne's World...(come to think of it... maybe they still are.) But regardless, it was a wonderful reunion and I am glad that we both found the time to connect. He is adamant on all of us having a 30 year reunion in 4 years... I guess time will tell.

So today is crunch day.  My last day in Ecuador.  I have made is thus far without losing my phone, my wallet, my debit card, my credit card, my computer, my computer charge cord or my passport.

I think I might be jinxing myself.

I often find myself thinking; if I had to lose something, what could I part with above all?  I think that losing my phone would be the absolute worst... I would rather lose my passport - above my phone, wallet, cards and computer.  Everyone always warns you to keep your passport safe.... but honestly, I'd rather be stuck on vacation for an additional week (with money) rather than lose anything else.

I realized yesterday that I have not managed to break one single nail... until today. And, of course, now my jacket is missing!  The Gods are gathering against me. It was only a matter of time...

On a positive note though... I have not started smoking again. 

tI started smoking(Marlboro Lights)in Ecuador when I was 18 years old. The reason I started was to see if I could make it through  a night of drinking, while smoking, without getting sick from the cigarettes. Pretty benevolent, eh?  I think so. 

Just a quick Ecuador observation: Hardly anyone smokes here anymore!  It's very, very rare... in fact, it's marvellous... 

Ecuador- I'm super impressed!

I made it back to the Centro Historico de Quito and am now bored, bidding my time.  It's 6pm and I'm leaving for the airport at 8:45pm... and I'm exhausted.

But... prohibition just ended... so sometimes dreams do come true.

See you soon, Potzy...

Had to add to this blog post before I head to the airport...

The last place I was loitering in earlier, shut down for the evening, so I basically had to cash out & get out.  Rude!  

Slowly I was wandering around the main plaza area... dawdling, sitting, eating some left over pizza, taking the occasional photo and odd selfie... trying to bide my time... bored.  I do have a couple hours left...

Then things got interesting... suddenly I noticed this little, dirty creep following very closely behind me.  I turned around abruptly and he stopped right away.  So I stood there for a little bit, just watching him.  He continued to walk on, but then turned back around to follow me again.  I headed in the direction of some police that were together in the main square.  I could see the creep cross the road, but he was always watching me, so I deked up a narrow side road, coming out in to another main intersection.  He was nowhere to be seen, so I figured I was safe.  I decided to cross the road & head towards another little restaurant I knew, close by the hotel.  Then there he was again, coming right towards me.  I stopped right in my tracks and waited for him to pass.  This time, I made eye contact with him and he deliberately bumped in to me.  He walked past me... I turned around and headed in yet, another direction.  I started walking as fast as I could, bolted across the intersection mere seconds before the traffic control stopped people from crossing.  I turned around again, to see if he was still behind me, but he was gone....

The restaurant was right around the corner, so I've taken refuge in here now... 

What did I say about 'crunch time?'

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