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Going Home...

Updated: May 30, 2022

I love the page in my journal I dedicated to my homecoming...

I WANT MONEY! ... then... "ya right!"

Seems fitting!

I also wrote;

Thing I want to take home;

  1. Absolutely Fabulous video - WHY? Weird request for a keepsake from Australia?

  2. Silverchair CD $20

  3. Federal Hotel Shirt - bought. - Can NOT remember this shirt at all. Did I ever have one? What happened to it???

  4. Aboriginal artwork - Fair enough.

  5. Vegemite (yuck) and Ginger Beer - I was obviously not aware at the time that these items were available in our local superstore.

  6. Chocolate.

  7. Lift - No idea what I was talking about here.

  8. Nikov - Border patrol NEVER would have let me in.

  9. Winfield, Horizon, Long Beach, Peter Jackson - ALL cigarettes. I'm disgusted with old me.

  10. Diggery Do - then I wrote... too expensive. Yes... I had to spend all my money on cigarettes. Priorities!

  11. Hats with corks - Another tacky-tourist delight.

  12. Boomerang $20.

  13. Necklace for myself.

  14. FUNKY necklace for Jen Gray.

My flight home had a bit of a stop over. It was a bit of an inconvenience and something I had put off until my flight home.

It was... 21 hours in Hong Kong.

These were the days of IF you left the airport, you were obligated to pay a departure tax. I had enough money to purchase a small milk. That was it.

21 hours of "That was it"...

It wasn't fun.

I spent the majority of those 21 hours mapping out the hour in front of me...

"I will read one chapter of my book... then I will walk 3 times around the departure lounge... then I will wash my face... then I will look at magazines..."

What an incredible adventure I had.

Australia 1994/95.

Most definitely, without a doubt, one of the best years of my life.

Yes, we drank and smoked too much, but the friendships I made during my 12 months down under made up for ALL the broke moments!

The people I met here will always hold a special place in my heart.

Some never lost touch with... others I have recently found via the powers of social media... and the ones that slipped away, I often wonder where life took them.

Thank you for the memories and a BIG thank you to all that joined me on this little "look back" journey...

It's been fun...

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