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444 Stairs & Wild Cats

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

I don't have a lot to say about yesterday DAY... because during the day, I didnothing.  Nothing really worth mentioning anyway.

I woke up... sat on my computer... read a little bit...  walked to the store... bought some Aloe Vera... came home... applied the Aloe Vera to my sore, red, tender skin... read some more... slept a bit... woke up... slept a bit more... ate...

Are you so bored already that you're ready to stab yourself in the face multiple time?

Ya, me too.

It's funny looking back at my old memory books... and that (above) is almost anexactreplica of the writings & ramblings of an 18/19 year old.  The 18/19 year old, of course, being none other than myself...

This is an actual excerpt from one of my many books...

"And then we went to the store and it was really boring and hot and I thought I was going to die and I didn't even want to go cuz I hadn't even showered, but they told me I had to, so whatever.  And then later, we had to go to the party.   Belinda was supposed to go, but she'd gotten in trouble and said to her brother, 'but I asked your mom if I could go,' and her brother told her that that didn't mean anything.  I didn't even want to go to the party anymore cuz Belinda wasn't going.  It was super dumb.  We're just going to join a gym anyway so we can work out or something. I just basically really want to go to the beach cuz it's awesome there and here sucks..."

I'm surprised that the Archives haven't contacted me yet in regards to obtaining these literary masterpieces.  But on a more personal note, I think this little blurb, no matter how silly it is, still seems to apply to my current life, on so many levels.

Believe me when I say that I really have tried to get through all of my old 'diaries'... but it's near impossible because they are all filled with such shit.Although some of the stories are'slightly interesting,'most of the crap could have been eliminated, like;

  • What time I woke up and why...

  • What happened on the local soap opera. (Rebelde)

  • How many times I played Super Mario Brothers and how far I got.

  • How many letters arrived... and a recap on each & every one.

  • Going to see if my broken camera was ready.

  • Playing cards with someone and describing, in detail, how they or I won.

Some things are just meant to be left to the imagination.

Whereas now, I've advanced beyond my years, and choose to touch on topics such as'potential'yeast infections, breaking toilets, bouts of constipation, thick ankles, bug bites, blistered sunburns, the fear of lice and the perils of sexual relations with strangers in a third world countries.... although,technically...that last one was the doctor and not me.

Ok... on to the evening portion of the day, which was much more exhilarating.

We left the house at around 7pm to head in to the Centro to do the Ferris Wheel and Las Penas.  

The Ferris wheel was a much smaller version of the one in Vegas... and disappointingly, no bar inside the compartments.  *insert sad face.

It was fun though, regardless, and gave a good view of the Guayaquil Malecon, but had it run longer than 12 minutes, I think we all would have been ateeny weenybit bored.  

The glass was a little foggy and the lighting wasn't fantastic, so not really conducive to amazing photo ops from such a height. Mostly just selfies...  

Then the big moment came - Las Penas.  This was the one thing that I had really been looking forward to, since before coming to Ecuador.  I'm including a photo that I stole from Google, because I was never there during the day to capture the shot in its colourful glory.  

This is a hill leading up to the Lighthouse... and ONLY 444  steps this time... surrounded by pubs & discos the entire way up. My kind of exercise! Definitely not as steep as the grind to El Pancillo and this time, I didn't have Mr. Activities yelling at me to hurry up. There were also no packs of wild dogs waiting to attack and eat me, which made for a refreshing change.  

There were, however, a LOT of cats all over the place, but I figured I could take them if push came to shove.

It was great... apart from the exercise, the stairs, the herds of wild cats, the puddles I kept walking in(it had just rained before we got there), the people trying to convince us to come in to 'their' nightclub, the heat and, unfortunately, the overpowering stench of incense.  

I have to admit that the smell of incense catapults me back to 2 places in life...

  1. Just out of high school when I thought that there was nothing cooler in the world than being a hippy.

  2. Living in Lake Louise, when the smell (combined with patchuoli) quickly made me realize being a hippy was the worst possible thing that could ever happen to you.

But beside all of that, which actually wasn't bad at all... the climb was fantastic... lots of laughs, fun and well worth the view of the city & the river.  

Most of us made it... no names mentioned of those who didn't, in order to protect the beer drinkers of the climbing crew.

So my last night in Guayaquil... big hit.  Did I mention that it was ridiculously HOT and everything felt like it just stuck to me?... 

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