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The Fall of the Ferry Fascination

Updated: May 21, 2023


I’m officially bored of this boat.

It’s foggy. It's raining.

Nary a whale or dolphin to be seen

I ventured upstairs for ‘not-free-refills’ coffee and proceeded to try and enjoy the somewhat peaceful tranquility of the Northern passage (attempting to eliminate the ferry engine noise to the best of my ability), as the foggy islands passed me by...

The coffee is… not bad… the rain is holding off... somewhat...

Gets me thinking about my holiday?

  • Is it the journey?

  • Is it the destination?

  • Is it the mere time away from work?

The gift store finally opened and someone came on the loud speaker to make sure that we were all aware that they would only let 7 people in at a time, we had to wear our masks and we were not permitted to touch anything unnecessarily…

I would be disappointed if this wasn't a part of my experience.

Errrr 2020...

I could hardly afford BC Ferry coffee refills, so I retreated back to my berth and cracked open a bottle of wine…

... at 11:30AM...

No biggie, right?

What happens on a BC Ferry on the way to Prince Rupert before noon, stays on a BC Ferry on the way to Prince Rupert before noon.

In my defence, I did try to buy a wine glass at the Dollar Store in Prince Rupert...

They wanted $5.65 for a cheap, plastic glass...

White Spot glass it shall be :-)

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