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Stay Tuned…

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Update… my wifi on my computer has “burnt out”…

💻 💥

… of course it has! I would be thoroughly disappointed if it hadn’t. Timing is impeccable, don’t you agree?

So… I’m in remote Tortuguero National Park until the 26th… and then, hitting the dreaded city once again, with the hopes someone can help me. I need my card replaced… or else I’ll have to get my iPad shipped over lol. I’ve already sent multiple messages to different apple outlets and booked another hotel in San Jose. I can only update my blog on my computer… as of right now, but trying out this app to see if it worme… so I MIGHT be out of commission until later next week… thank god I still have my phone to do everything else 🤯

Wish me luck.

Hopefully more to follow!! If I can figure out this phone app!!!

Peace out…

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