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Scenic with Whimpy Burger

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

“The continent is too large to describe. It is a veritable ocean, a separate planet, a varied, immensely rich cosmos. Only with the greatest simplification, for the sake of convenience, can we say 'Africa'. In reality, except as a geographical appellation, Africa does not exist.” - Ryszard Kapuściński

Longest drive ever today.

It ended in Maun, Botswana at the International Airport where we were given the option to do a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta.

$150 Canadian equivalent for a 45 minute, which is not too bad. Not expensive enough to forego. 6 seats in the plane - me, Lisa, Clhoe and Ray. One seat for the pilot and one left over for a lovely Portuguese gentleman we met who has spent the last 2 years motorcycling around Africa.

We had previously been warned that the flight was weather permitting. As it was sunny, hot and there were only a few clouds in the sky, it was proving to be a fabulous day for a wildlife viewing scenic flight.

Once we had confirmed our reservataion, we jumped back in the bus and drove off with everyone else to have lunch. Options were limited. Let me rephrase that, there were no options. We pulled in to a strip mall with one ‘restaurant’... 

Whimpy Burger... known for their frightful cuisine.

A fast food burger chain much like a cross between White Spot and Burger King. A dreadful little greasy joint that leaves you wondering “what was in that burger?” Yes.

I ate there.

Just before a flight.

I’m an idiot. Will I never learn? While we were waiting for our lunch... it poured. It was torrential.

I was in the bathroom when I heard it... and it sounds like someone had kicked on a generator. That’s how powerful of a storm it was. It lasted no longer than 10 minutes and the sunshine reappeared.

Ready for our flight.

Back at the airport, the guide directed us through the regular customs procedure, as confusing as it was, as none of us thought we were planning on leaving the country. The usual line ups, scanning passports, x-raying personals, liquids deposed of... 

Quite a security fuss, all for a minimal flight in to see the elephants.

The view from the plane was well worth the kerfuffle we endured. The water was down although it was rainy season, due to a drought. But we saw about 30 herds of elephants & buffalos...  dozes of hippos grazing or relaxing in the water... kudus, impalas, ostriches, wildebeest...

It was the ultimate sightseeing experience viewing the spectacular geography and wildlife. the Delta above. Our flight followed the water channels that meandered through the lush terrain and game us the excitement of seeing big game from above.

Carlos said that he spotted lions and crocodiles... but I didn’t see any.

I am obsessed with hippos... the big, fat, deadly river horse. 

All of my questions at our debrief each evening usually come back to hippos.If they are chasing me, can I zig-zag to get away?Do they run on the river bed or propel through the water?Are their teeth made of ivory?Why would they kill me if they’re vegetarian?

About 30 minutes in to our flight, Whimpy Burger suddenly wasn’t presenting itself as such a brilliant idea after all.

The bumps and the dips and the turbulence took it’s toll and I found myself closing my eyes, rocking back & forth and praying to keep it together until we landed. 

Motion sickness.  

The struggle is real.

I had my eyes on the prize the entire flight. In other words... I knew exactly where the air sickness bag was. Directly in front of me. 

I have never been so ecstatic to end a scenic experience.

After the plane had landed, I discovered that all of us felt the same.


Back at the camping spot - the Sedia Riverside Lodge, built between the natural vegetation associated with its riverine open woodland setting. A unique area of natural beauty. Utterly relaxing ambiance... as we relaxed by the large outdoor pool... and the wifi was top notch.

Malinga made the best cottage pie I have ever tasted. Makes me feel bad for originally saying that he wasn’t a chef... but in all honesty, he’s not. He’s a guide. 

After dinner, we all sat around and chatted. 

Actually... everyone else chatted... I fought off moths. They would not leave me alone.

Tips for Africa... next time;

  1. Find out how to repel moths. They will not leave me alone... If they love me, the feeling is not mutual. Maybe they hate me? It’s hard to figure out.

  2. Bring lots of toilet paper for bushy bushy. Slang for our pull over bathroom breaks.

  3. Constipation pills.

  4. Gas and Bloating pills.

  5. Bring candy for children.

  6. Motion sickness pills.

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