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I think the hotel staff hate me.

I would hate me if I were staff here and someone like me came along.

There have been a couple little issues.

First - my door key wouldn't work. No biggie... unless I want to get in... or out.

Second - the WIFI completely shut down for ONLY me. It worked for everyone else that came through the doors... except for my phone and my computer.

Third - the air conditioner in my room just started pouring liquid onto the floor.

Honestly though, to my credit... it's not all my fault. None of it, actually.

They moved me to another room, during one of the World Cup games. My new location was on the other side of the building, passing through the upstairs 'TV lounge,' so to speak. Now, as someone who is traveling with the bare minimum, I have managed to fit all of my belonging into a small knapsack. But it managed to take me SEVEN trips back & forth to haul my stuff to my new room... much, much, much to the dismay of the gentleman, in that lounge, who was intent on dedicating every moment to watching the football.

It got intense... real quick.

Add all of that onto the fact that I;

  1. Requested early check in due to my flight arriving at 3am.

  2. Had to be hounded to pay the airport taxi driver due to our previous miscommunication.

  3. Was told that I would be able to buy a SIM card at the hotel and then couldn't. *Remember I was coerced out of the airport with this fabrication?

Envision an entire evening and day of awakeness with zero WIFI… Lord! The suffering!... and no data... because I have no SIM card! The hardships I must endure are astonishing.


The hotel wants me to pay the taxi driver… but first, I need to find an ATM. I can’t Google locate an ATM, because I have no WIFI. I need to get a SIM card, but everything is closed on a Sunday. I could call an Uber, but I have no WIFI.... or I could jump in a cab, but I have no cash because I don't know where an ATM is. It just goes around and around and around.

This Pizzazio dude really messed with me!

Granted... it ALL very trivial... very laughable and in a world full of disaster, this is nothing worth getting my panties in a knot about... I realize that. On the other hand, you have to take into consideration my sleep deprivation, my jet lag and therefor, my extreme irritability. At the slightest glimpse of inconvenience, I strike...

I always have to remember something very important things when I travel and I get frustrated.

I remember how upset I got once, in Vietnam, when my dive of a room had zero amenities, including no toilet paper. I had a lumpy pillow and one dirty sheet... and none of the staff seemed remotely concerned about catering to my every need. I was LIVID and emotionally beat up at the time...

Suddenly I remembered I was only paying $4 per night to stay there. It was ME who had chosen this location because of how inexpensice it was. What did I expect? Perspective was key.

Q-Bar is no exception to the rule.

It's only cost me $35 per night AND I get a delicious free breakfast... AND they're all so lovely and accommodating. The place is conveniently located near markets, an excellent selection of dining options and beautiful Coco Beach. There is a bar & grill directly below my room and on the weekend, it was a raging party. Other than Saturday though, from what I can gather, it's mostly just been a World Cup hub. I haven't wandered down there at all, due to the excessive cigarette smoke.

All in all, we are surrounded by people that just want to say hello, learn a little bit of English, teach you a little bit of Swahili and help you along your day, if they are able. Sure, Q-bar is a little bit 'thrown together,' but they do their best with what they have!

As Taylor Swift says, "It's me. Hi! I'm the problem, it's me."

Thumbs up for the Q-bar... kinda... lol.

I need to get over this jet lag. Seriously.

Why wasn't jetlag a thing when I was in my 20's & 30's?

This is hardly fair!

I desperately need sleep!


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