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Joanna from Snowy River

Updated: May 31, 2022

Batlow, snowy mountains... The Man from Snowy River.

It wasn't long before we secured our first job in Batlow, in the land of the Snowy Mountains.


Not sure if anyone has ever picked apples, but it's not as easy and fun as one might assume. It can be back breaking work. Of course, it didn't really break OUR backs, because we were on the slightly lazy side... and not really taking our job as seriously as one might imagine 3 VERY broke people should... . . .

Whenever the Quality Control Supervisor would walk away from our part of the orchard, this is what we would do...

Lie down.

That's what happens when you only work enough to make enough money to buy beer... and then you don't feel like working much the next day... because of the beer.

It's a vicious circle.

I think he was on to us though...because we didn't keep our jobs for more than a couple days. #fired

Our Snowy Mountain home was this tent. To think all three of us crammed in here each night.

No wonder our motivation to work was low, and our inclination to drink was high.

The white building behind the tent was the bathroom/laundry building... and someone stole my red hi-top shoes from there. How rude!

Broke, homeless and without work...

I'm sure there were orchards out there, willing to hire us, but our apple-picking motivation was decreasing at a steady rate.

What to do?

Hit the local pub, of course.

We sure did wish we had money to buy food... and not just alcohol and cigarettes.




Although we were quite lazy, and often hungover... the REAL reason Brenda and I got fired from one of our jobs was ... because...

We fell in with the wrong crowd one evening.

They took us into "town" to drink... too much...

They weren't great people, but we were a bit hard up for friends. Ended up being the demise of our apple picking career, as the farmer actually fired shots in the morning to let us know we'd been fired and we were welcome to leave the property immediately.

Ivan headed back to Sydney to work... and Brenda & I were not far behind.

I remember my mother saved our lives by wiring $500 to me.

It bought us some nourishment (in the form of pizza), but it didn't last long.

Sydney bound...

Had to include this... because it was a hilarious conversation between Ivan and I one evening before he left...

The right way talk AND the silly way to talk.

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