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Fraser Island

Updated: May 30, 2022

Fraser Island Adventure memory book entry ~ Day 1...

Pouring rain.

Flat tire.

We are all so dirty, like we’d never left Bundaberg.

Engine troubles with the dumb jeep they rented us.

We had to break into someone's cabin in order to use the bathroom!

Set up camp completely wrong... torrential downpour and winds... tarp fell down. Decided to all cram in to the 4WD to sleep, which wasn't that comfortable after all.

The dingo didn't steal our baby... but it stole our food.

That was my ‘memory book’ entry… word for word.

At least I did find a little humour…

Fraser Island Adventure memory book entry ~ Day 2...

Hell to clean up our camp.

Wind blew everything everywhere.

We thought we found magic mushrooms, but we were terribly wrong.

(Wish I had elaborated slightly on this journal entry)

Explored the Maheno Shipwreck.

Low tide... thousands of fishermen everywhere. Tea Tree oil lakes.

I walked in to the wrong 4WD late at night... they all look the same!!!

In my defence… I had been drinking.

A lot.

Fraser Island Adventure Memory Book ~ Day 3

Goodbye grey sky! Hello Blue...! FINALLY.

Beautiful day.

I got to drive!

We ran down some dunes.

Lake McKenzie - most crystal clear lake I've ever seen. White sand.

Up close and personal with the dingos.

Campfire sing a longs.

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