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Day 4 - Vancouver

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Last day in Vancouver and then back to reality.

It made me sad to wake up and realize that my staycation was coming to an end. I love to travel and feel that 2o2o has deprived us all of so much. It's hard feeding an addiction when product desired is unattainable to a certain extent.

I once mentioned to a friend that 2020 was going to be MY year... I had a good feeling. I no longer want 2020... so hoping that 2021 really steps it up and follows through. I need it.

But, the truth of the manner is that all of us are stuck with 2020 and we are all doing our best to endure it, to the best of our ability.

... as aggravating as it is.

Checking out of the hotel was more hassle than it should have been. I decided not to leave the key in the room, but instead drop it off at front desk. Doing so, then gentleman thanked me and assured me that I was able to access the underground without it.

He was wrong.

Instead of being able to go anywhere, the elevator froze, as did each button... leaving us stuck, grounded and slightly more scared than annoyed. Once the elevator finally opened, I headed back to the front desk to let them know that we were not able to access the parking lot. The manager on duty had to come in and override the elevator before we could descend.

We piled everything in to the car and took off.

Goodbye, downtown Vancouver. Hello, Capilano Suspension Bridge.

I had never been and I was curious to see what all the hype was about.

I'll tell you the first hype... it was $55+ per person.

That was enough to make me reconsider walking across a bridge.


They were quick to let me know that my day pass actually transformed in to a year pass... because I was a British Columbian resident.

I can't imagine why I would find it necessary to return again within the year, but stranger things have happened.

The bridge was interesting but I we ended up behind a large Korean family that had to stop for photos every few seconds. We did attempt to pass them a few times, and finally got through, but it wasn't without struggle.

All of the Capilano suspension bridge photos that I have seen on Instagram depict some model, who is inappropriately clothed in a colourful, billowy dress. For the most part, this outfit is a ridiculous choice of clothing for the excursion. Their hand is normally placed on their wide brim, beach hat, as though the wind might suddenly blow it away. Often they are turned away from the photographer and staring out in to the landscape, as if nature is inspiring them to new heights.

I wanted this.

The trouble with my aspirations?

  • I'm not a model.

  • I was wearing shorts and an Olde Yale Brewing tank top.

  • No hat.

  • No one wants a picture of my fat back.

  • There was a family of Koreans surrounding me and I would impede others enjoying the landscape were I to stand in the middle of the bridge and demand an inspirational photo.

Next time, I'm packing a flowing dress and a beach hat.

No exceptions.

In regards to the model bit... I could probably be one if I wanted to. But that day, I chose ice cream at 10AM instead.

So we successfully crossed the Suspension, wandered through the Tree Tops and braved the Cliff Walk! At the end of the walk, we were presented "I MADE IT" certificates. I wasn't aware that 'not making it' was an option, but I guess there are the hazards of acrophobia and vertigo that account for a switch in direction.

We left Capilano and made our way up to Grouse Mountain, but the cost of their gondola was also over the $50 and we left, deciding to venture out to Deep Cove instead. Construction and heavy traffic prevented that from becoming realization, and in frustration, it was decided that it would be best to just head home...

Staycation over.

BUT... not with out a quick stop to eat a Thai stir-fry!

So now I can add Thailand to my International Culinary Tour.

Back to work and back to reality... but I must say, my love for Vancouver is stronger than ever and I have already begun to plan my next vacation here.

Thank you, Vancouver, for saving me these last few days. These last few days were desperately needed.

Vancouver is beautiful city and I loved every moment I spent exploring...

  • Stanley Park

  • China Town

  • Point Grey

  • UBC

  • Yale Town

  • North Vancouver

  • Capilano

  • Gastown

  • West Vancouver

  • Davies Village

... and more...

The love is strong!

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