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Bras on / Boats Out

Dawn wanted me to get up at 6:30am and go for a brisk, early morning walk with her...

We all had a BIG laugh...

No thank you, sir.

I'm on vacation and will be horizontal until at least 8am.

On the agenda today?

Not much. Perhaps I would manoeuvre my way through another burnt out end of a smoky day, whilst attempting to not inhale too much?

My throat feels like I've been smoking heavily all night.

After a few cafe lattes and a bit of lazing around... we hit the mall.

Since visiting Africa, I have come to the conclusion that no holiday is truly complete without at least one mall excursion.

I know that I have mentioned it before, I tend to have issues combining packing and red wine consumption, and it's never obvious until I reach my destination.

One t-shirt.


Three bathing suits, mind you... but ONE t-shirt.

Who brings three bathing suits to the Rain Capital of Canada?


I loaded up on a couple more and got the hell out of there.

Dawn dropped me off at Fisherman's wharf to do some solo exploration, while she finished up a few hours of work. The smoke was stifling, but the rain had held off. Unfortunately the scenic sights had all but disappeared, but it was a nice enough day for a stroll along the waterfront.

The buildings of Fisherman's wharf are so colourful and inviting. The decorated vibrancy is jubilant, charming and picturesque - an Instagramer's dream. Fisherman's Wharf offers everything from kayak tours & water taxis to Mexican seafood & ice cream. Dawn told me that they have suffered greatly due to the lack of regular summer Cruise Ship crowds filtering through.

So... of course, I had to do my part. My British Columbia staycation obligation is to support small. My oath is to shop local.

I bought an ice cream.

In my defence, Dawn did say it was her favourite ice cream.

Diet starts tomorrow.

It was not long after, that I became thoroughly disappointed that I had wasted my ice cream opportunity and my hard earned ice cream money at this particular ice cream stand , when I staggered across "Perverted Ice Cream."

THAT. Would. Have. been. FUN.

They had "Every Time I Come" Ice Cream.

Unable to justify TWO ice creams before noon, I had to walk on by.

Exploration of historical Victoria was fun. I wandered in and out of souvenir shops... took photos of the Parliament Buildings, assorted flowers, plant sculptures, boats in the marina, wall murals, cobblestone streets, as well as stopped occasionally for everyone's much anticipated & beloved selfie.

Tourist stuff.

I contemplated heading in to The Empress for a cafe au lait and a dainty delicacy... but the rules and regulations seemed too much to endure for what my wallet could temporarily offer them.

By mid-afternoon, I had sanitized my hands 37 times.

Mask on. Mask off. Door security. Step on the mat. Behind the panel. Back up. Stand outside. Go over there. Get on the X. Wait longer.

Sanitize. Sanitize. Sanitize.

Years ago, on a random visit to Victoria, I remember a small bar that you could throw your complimentary peanut shells on the floor. I couldn't remember the name or the location... just peanuts.

Dawn said that it might be "John's"... so I immediately Google mapped "John's" and found "John's Place"... a 9 minute walk away.

Not the place. Nice enough breakfast & lunch place boasting Eggs Benedict and strawberry smoothies... but not the peanut bar I was seeking.

Once again, I pulled out my handy phone for another search and this time, it presented me with "Big Bad John's" - name implying that it seemed more along the line of what I was originally seeking.

And that it was...

The words that I use to describe this hovel are 100% accurate in description;






On the other had, these adjectives fail to do Big Bad John's any justice, considering this bar is nothing short of original and undeniably jammed packed with personality. Memorabilia clustered together in every direction your glances may lead you. Years upon years of old photos, autographs, stickers, stuffed animals... and bras.

Lots and lots of bras.

Bras from quite well endowed women, as well.

Not an A cup to be seen.

Knowing the price of bras... I opted not to leave mine behind. As I was the only person in the pub at the present time, and being early afternoon, I figured it would have been odd of me to have undressed for this purpose.

Bra stayed on... much to the delight of everyone I met after leaving this pub... I'm positive.

My next port of call was a place called "Deadbeetz"- originally one food truck... which turned in to 2 food trucks, and soon thereafter, grew in to another bricks & mortar location. Not bad for a budding young entrepreneur that I once knew from back in the old days of Lake Louise. This was Karrie, once a colleague and a very good friend of mine.

Quality, casual food featuring pickled beets on burgers.

Seeing Karrie again?

Slightly awkward.

Perhaps slightly more awkward than it would have been under normal, pre-COVID conditions. We were separated by the partition that kept customers and staff at a distance. There were no reuniting hug. 'Social' distancing played its part both physically and mentally.

We had been such good friends... in... ? ... 1997/1998?

Too many years had past and it was obvious that our temporary friendship had not stood the test of time.

Reunions, in my mind, with almost anyone, represents an opportunity to temporarily step back in time and renew connections. I felt that our conversation was all thumbs... fumbling over old names and trying to place those that had long ago escaped our thoughts and memories.

Continuing in my British Columbia staycation tradition, I stayed true to my #shopsmall #supportlocal obligation & oath and purchased a Deadbeetz Quinoa burger with pickled beets to go. I also purchased a $30 gift certificate for Dawn & Ron to use at a latter date.

Scarfing my delicious burger down, I made my way back to the home base for more food and family!

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