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Adventures with Roger in Oz

Updated: May 30, 2022

We are not closing.

This store is definitely NOT closing.

Sorry - we're closed.

From Fraser Island... Roger and I headed down the coast to Byron Bay, Nimbin and the Gold Coast... all before I completely ran out of money and had to make my way up to Bundy once again.

That was becoming a staple in my Auzzie year. Bundaberg. And no money.

You know those moments when you're in the middle of nowhere... in a completely different country... miles & miles & miles from home... and you suddenly see people you went to high school with?


First stop... Byron Bay... again.

"I've been to this lighthouse 3 times now. I should get a job here."


This time we went at 5am, in order to catch the sunrise.

Love my journal entries from 1995...

"It's freezing cold... and it feels weird to say that about Australia."

Met up with Ant and Glen.

Roger tried to surf.

Nothing much more exciting.

Nimbin - May 30th, 1995

Supposed to be a fun loving, hippy paradise, with beautiful souls living off the grid.

We booked a ticket on a colorful, "magic" bus, which took us over the rolling hills, the beautiful scenery... and into Nimbin. Rainbow Valley.

I was in a bit of a hippy stage in my life.

I honestly think Nimbin beat it out of me, once and for all.

Nimbin has been described in literature and mainstream media as 'the drug capital of Australia', 'a social experiment', and 'an escapist sub- culture'

Laid back lifestyle?

What we met at the end of the magic bus trip was a small town with a major heroin problem.

Main Memories?

Cool museum.

Creepy vibe.

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