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A Few Funnies

Updated: May 31, 2022

Donna's Memory:

*I have NO recollection of this happening and even when she wrote to Ashlynn about it, Ashlynn replied "are you on drugs?"

Didn't we stay with a family out there back before that? She was going to church and saw us on a really dark road no one knew about. Suddenly this car stopped and she took us back to her home. I remember because it was so dark, I prayed to my great aunt. I thought we were going to die. This holy woman just appeared. She took us in and fed us. I have no clue why we were there. She had a place out the back that we stayed in. We thought she might be a cult because she was talking away about church and then she took us to the truck in the morning. I'm probably leaving out a bit. I kept thinking we were going to stand on a snake and I prayed and then the wee holy women appeared. I always remember that I never pray either. It was weird. I remember thinking my prayers were answered and then crapping myself in case she was lying and just wanted us to be in her cult.

I must have forgot about your pen knife,

No one would touch us with that about

We were near Milbura.

Probably we were drunk, knowing us.

Zero memory of this... but somehow it rings a bit of a bell...


Donna and I decided to do a weekend trip from Mildura down to Melbourne.

Only a 6 hour trip... and we don't have a vehicle.

No biggie.

Nothing about us at the time or what we were intending to do, was smart at all. But the fact that we decided to over-indulge in a cheap box of red wine the night prior to departure, was, by far, the worst decision we ever could have made.

The truck driver story...

I don't even remember being in Melbourne, but according to this memory in my memory book, I was. Donna!!! When we went down from Mildura.

"No money. Lost in an unknown city. Too many street cars all going in strange and different directions. We'll go into this pub for one or two beers... come out singing. Trying to make money singing under a tree. Bartering with a cabbie."

And we ran into Erik!

Ivan's Memory:

*I have NO recollection of this happening either, which alarms me because it is so alarming.

Attempting to hitch hike from Mildura to Batlow. 7&1/2 hour drive...

We didn't get picked up from the petrol station in Mildura until almost dark. The guy that picked us up had just got out of jail. He'd been in prison in Adelaide for 8 years and had just got out. Me and him drank beer in the front seat, as he drove and I rolled joints. You were freaking out and even thought about passing me your picking knife, only I was so wasted you figured I might say something dumb like "why are you passing me a knife?”

We stopped in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere and he announced we were sleeping there for the night. He took me off into the darkness to collect firewood, but you were scared he'd taken me off to knock me over the head then he was coming back to rape you. He ended up being the nicest guy, going out of his way to take us to Batlow.

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