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Life in Bundaberg

Updated: May 30, 2022

I read;

"Fruit picking is an awesome way for backpackers to earn extra cash during their trip when travelling in the countryside of Australia. There are many backpackers using fruit picking jobs as a way of funding their trip, meanwhile they enjoy the stunning nature of Australia!"

I don't think I once stopped, while on any of these dirty, dusty Bundaberg tomato farms, and looked around to enjoy the stunning nature of Australia.

Not once...


Peter made sure we were up!


Our 5am alarm... (sometimes earlier)

Daily wake up call from Peter, as he made his way through the hostel, paying each and every room a visit...


... buses were waiting to take us to the killing fields...




We loved that man... but man, could he holler in the wee hours of the morning... and he definitely didn't care how much we'd had to drink the night before...

I'll never forget one of the QC's on one of my first tomato farms.

Unfortunately for HIM, he had a speech impediment... but fortunately for US, his difficulty with pronunciation kept us entertained all day, every day...

When you're faced with 10+ hours of excruciatingly hard work, it's imperative that you have laughter.

"We're looking for WEDS!

NOT gweens!!

I repeat, we are NOT looking for gweens!

We are looking for WEDS!

WEDS, people! WEDS!"

He yelled this at us ALL day long.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks.

The Hungry Tum... otherwise known to us, as The Hungry Bum.

Open 24 hours for our convenience and our nightly drunken feast feed. Home of $2 fries with chicken salt and gravy, spring rolls, chiro rolls, doner kebobs and so much more...

I also did a little gambling here on a scratch and win. Spent the remainder of what little money I had. Won $50... then took the next day off work to celebrate and drink my winnings away on an afternoon stupor.

I never claimed to be smart... or responsible...

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