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Bye... Not Bye

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

I have come to realize that David is convinced that I either work for Canadian immigration... or I have the inside track on who they allow in and out of our country. On more than one occasion, he has made a comment about how I need to write letters and fill out forms urging the Canadian government to allow him a working visa, stating that he is my “boyfriend.”

Each time he brings it up, I am more than adamant about how I would not lie to the government. Even if I agreed to it and was prepared to try and scam immigration, he wouldn’t have near enough money to pay me off for the hassle or having to endure potential consequences from being caught.

Tomorrow we head to Botswana and I can’t help but wonder what might be in store for me. In South Africa encountered taxi pirates. Namibia rolled me over and almost left me for dead. 

I just pray that I don’t have a run in with Malaria... as I have not resumed my recommended daily dosage.

Now, in saying this, please note that I do not advocate for poor health practices, nor do I encourage ignoring the advice of professionals. This blog is not a medical journal, nor is it an experimental health trial in to the pros & cons of certain ailments. I am simply a girl attempting to maintain her rose leaf complexion of youth. 

... unlike the Japanese lady on Dune 45.

That’s probably what happened to her. Malaria. 

... or Malaria pills.

We pulled in to Windhoek around 2pm and met a guide named Timey. She was our historical Windhoek city guide and she walked us around for about an hour and a half, filling us in on the history of Namibia and the significance of some of the buildings, road names and statues around the city.

From 1884, Namibia was a German colony (Claudia’s family, probably) and then taken over by South Africa in 1915. Namibia only gained independence in 1990. There were many key players, very instrumental in Namibia gaining their independence.

When Namibia hit hard times, two major players that came to her side to help were North Korea and Cuba. North Korea sent guns and then agreed to construct 7 buildings. Of course, countries rarely do anything purely out of good will. Their eyes were on the prize and they wanted Namibia’s uranium. This agreement did not sit well with other countries around the world (mainly the USA) and eventually  Namibia cut ties with North Korea as well.

During the tour, most of us were desperate for the toilet, so we stopped at the museum and were told to go to the first floor.

The museum happened to be one of the buildings built by North Korea. I was lucky enough to get in the elevator with Whaaaaaat? and British Humour.. .

Just the three of us.

On our way up, Takako grabbed the railing and said, “I don’t like. No.”


“This building will collapse. Is bad.”

“We’re just going to the bathroom. I think we’ll be fine.”

“No. North Korea very bad. All their buildings fall down. I don’t trust.”

Ok... then why did you get in to the elevator?

Pee in the trees. Problem solved.

I looked at her and said, “Are you going to be ok?”

“No. I don’t trust North Koreans.”

“Do you trust Russians?”

Takako just stopped and looked directly at me and said, “I don’t know any Russians.

She must know a lot of sketchy North Koreans.

Then miraculously, the door opened at the 1st floor and out we got.There were a LOT of signs telling us not to smoke, not to bear arms and not to bring in pets. Zero signs directing us to the toilets.

I shouldn’t complain though because we managed to make it in and out without North Korea collapsing the building on us.

That would have been a quite shit end to a great trip.

When the tour was over, so was our time with Eduardo & Michele (or as David calls them, Team Brazil), Pascale & Sandros .... and Claudia.

**Insert smiling face, cotton candy and fireworks.

The wicked witch is dead... leaving.

We all gathering in front of the old church for a group photo. All except...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


So odd.

Later she told Takako that she was guarding the bus... ensuring no one got on and stole our stuff. 

Thanks, Claudia. Really took one for the team.

We all hugged and wished everyone a safe & enjoyable journey. Yu cried... a lot... it was strange. When goodbyes were over, everyone walked off in the horizon... everyone.... except...

She decided to come with us for one more night.


This woman will not go away.

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